SSCFPD Directors

Southern Stone County Fire Protection Regular Session Board Meeting is the 3rd Thursday each month at 6:00 P.M. at the District Headquarters, 10965 E. State Highway 76, Branson West, Missouri 65737.

If the board requires a second board meeting in a month, it is usually scheduled for the 1st Thursday each month.

If anyone has questions about the Board meetings, Agendas, or meeting minutes, please contact the District Office at 417-272-1510.

A five-person board of directors governs the Southern Stone County Fire Protection District. The directors oversee the operation and management of the fire district. While the Fire Chief runs the operational aspect of the district the board is ever ready to ensure he has all the available tools to do the job.

The current SSCFPD board is comprised of the following members:

Tommy Johnson, Chairman
Jerry Hageman, Treasurer
Bill Merritt, Director
Ken Henderson, Director
David Grandel, Director

Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes are available to the public for viewing






Regular Session Minutes Sept 20-2018

Regular Session Minutes October 18-2018

Special Session Closed Minutes Oct.4-2018

Regular Session Minutes Nov 15-2018

Special Session Minutes Dec 5-2018

Regular Session Minutes December 20-2018

Special Session Minutes Aug 28-2018
Regular Session Minutes Aug 16-2018
Special Session Minutes Aug 1-2018
Regular Session Minutes July 19-2018
Special Session Minutes July 9-2018
Regular Session Meeting Minutes June 21-2018
Regular Session Meeting Minutes May 17-2018
Special Session Meeting Minutes May 9-2018
Special Session Meeting MinutesMay 3-2018
Regular Session April 19-2018 Minutes
Regular Session Minutes March 15-2018
Work Session Minutes March 1-2018
February 8-2018 – Work Session
February 15-2018 – Regular Session
Jan 18-2018 – Regular Session