Committees & Teams


The Fire Fighters Association of Missouri holds an annual competition during its convention. This team competes in various events. All members of the District are welcome to become a part of this fun-loving and competitive team!

Fire Prevention Team

The Fire Prevention Team consists of members who meet monthly to approve, coordinate, and schedule public fire education events throughout the District. This team is also responsible for developing, implementing, coordinating, and scheduling all the District Recruitment and Retention events and programs.

Tech Rescue

The Technical Rescue Team is a group of specially trained firefighters organized to conduct rescues of a special nature. This requires specialized training that would not be practical to train each member of the department. Rescues of a special nature are defined as high-angle rope rescue, confined space rescue, water rescue, trench rescue, cave rescue, structural collapse rescue and other special rescue situations as needed.

Marine Division

The Marine Division responds to all lake related incidents within the district.  Our 2 fire boats respond to assist in EMS calls that are on the water as well as boat fires.  Our marine division is also responsible for creating and implementing polices and procedures for safe mitigation of water related incidents.

Recruitment & Retention Team

Honor Guard

The Honor Guard is a team of individuals organized to perform at special events, to include funerals, parades, and other special details as requested.

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