Training Division

“Training produces the skills; Circumstance provides the opportunity; Experience instills true knowledge.”

To stay safe, a firefighter must study and learn about the fire service and its hazards. The fire service is a dangerous profession.  The ultimate goal of training is to provide a firefighter with the knowledge of how to safely respond to various types of incidents.

The purpose of the Southern Stone Fire Training Division is to promote safety, perform safely, while providing service. Whatever emergency occurs that we are called upon to mitigate, we use the skills we learn to provide a service to our community. Training provides confidence to face situations that many in our society run from.

It all starts with the individual

Each firefighter for the district must always look for ways to better him or herself personally as a member of the fire service. Whether through independent study, training provided outside of the district, or even inside their own station, a firefighter takes the initiative to find training in the everyday.

At the station level

The motto of the district is “Neighbors Helping Neighbors.” The station a firefighter is assigned to is often right in his or her own neighborhood. This promotes neighbor training alongside neighbor, preparing to answer the call for help from a person who may live next door.

Training at the station level is often scheduled weekly. Firefighters work on familiarizing themselves with their station’s apparatus, practice skills and learning about the specific needs in their own community to know how to effectively and efficiently respond to emergency calls. At the station level there is an environment filled with pride, knowing you can make a difference in your own neighborhood.

Battalion Level Training

A collection of stations works together as a battalion when a need is greater than one or two stations can safely respond to. The cooperative spirit of stations working together is forged during battalion trainings. These trainings help the respective battalions learn what strengths each station brings to an incident.

The schedule for battalion training is as follows:

  • Battalion 1 (South) meets on the FIRST Tuesday of each month.
  • Battalion 2 (Central) meets on the SECOND Tuesday of each month.
  • Battalion 3 (North) meets on the THIRD Tuesday of each month.

District-Wide Training

As a district we promote working together. Someone once said, “None of us is as strong as ALL of us!” Firefighters attend district sponsored training courses and conferences.

The strength of our district is found in the diversity of its firefighters who strive to focus not just on the basics of firefighting, but also in the specialized areas within the fire service. Members are encouraged to participate in the district’s hazardous materials training, emergency medical training, Technical Rescue Division, and Marine Division.

Courses are also taught at the district level that allow a firefighter to gain Missouri Division of Fire Safety certification. Some of these include: Basic Firefighter, Firefighter 1 & 2, Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations Levels, Fire Service Instructor 1 &2, and Fire Officer 1 & 2. The district also provides Emergency Medical Responder and Emergency Medical Technician training.