Member's Assistance


The SSCFPDA has created guidelines for a benevolence fund. This fund is available for assistance to benefit firefighters and/or immediate family and district members in good standing, who have been injured or are in need of some temporary assistance due to unfortunate circumstances. Immediate family defined as claimed dependent children. The Auxiliary has an application that must be submitted by the firefighter/District personnel needing the funds or a firefighter on behalf of the person/persons needing assistance. The Auxiliary has a maximum donation of $500.00 per request per firefighter per a twelve-month period. All applications will be considered by a special review committee that has been formed. The committee chair will contact the person needing the funds prior to committee meeting to obtain a better understanding of what is needed and why. If that person is unavailable, the committee chair will contact their immediate family member/spouse. Funds will be distributed based on availability and a majority vote by the Auxiliary at the next regularly scheduled Auxiliary Meeting. After the meeting the committee chair will contact the firefighter/member letting them know the outcome. If approved the firefighter/member will need to get a bill or information to the committee chair for the funds to be distributed directly to the utility, landlord, mortgage company, etc. Funds cannot be distributed directly to firefighter/member. An immediate request constitutes as an emergency needing funds within 48 hours; i.e.: death of immediate family member (as defined by SSCFPDA by laws), loss of home and or belongings, emergency travel expenses, or emergency medical expenses as deemed necessary by the committee. Providing proof of emergency will be required before committee can make a decision. There is an immediate request maximum of $250. If a request is approved, the funds must be distributed within 90 days of approval date. Otherwise, a new request must be submitted. The Auxiliary/committee has the right to refuse any application/request.

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